Sustainability week Pokémon go is a game where you capture the monster in your campus and send them to sustainability week office. To promote the Sustainability Week at college, we created a Pokémon Go version of it. We also help people get to know about the rules and regulations of the week. Everyone is invited to play Pokémon Go during Sustainability week. There will be special green-themed lures every day including a Global Green themed lure on the last day.

The game is set in the city of Paris. There are many interesting points and landmarks around. The player can visit them, take pictures and get rewards. If a picture has been taken near landmarks with sustainable energy or other green features, they will be awarded bonus points. What if Pokémon Go could help you learn about sustainability? It is a location-based game that encourages people to travel around and explore the real world, but this time it would be used for a good cause. Could we build such a thing? We decided to find out!

Exciting Pokémon Go Ideas for Sustainability Week

Sustainability week Pokémon go has officially started! With August 9 being the first day of the week-long event, sustainability enthusiasts and Pokémon trainers alike can look forward to discovering new things about our environment, while also taking their Pokémon Go game to the next level with these eco-friendly additions. Here are 5 exciting ways to add sustainability to your Pokémon Go experience.

1.The most sustainable option

While people might choose to play Pokémon go in a sustainable way by walking instead of driving, to be completely green you should use an alternative source. Solar energy is a great option. If you plan on being outdoors all day, investing in a portable solar charger will help power your phone and other electronic devices. You’ll also be helping out with global warming!

2. A second-best option, with less benefits

When possible, choose to get places by bike or on foot. If you need to travel longer distances in your own car, try to take public transit at least part of the way and consider riding with a group of friends. If you must drive a personal vehicle all alone, reduce your environmental impact by making sure it’s in good condition and use fuel-efficient tires or run it on biodiesel.

3. The third best option, with fewer benefits

Choose paper over plastic whenever possible. But if you can’t say no to a grocery bag, carry it with you and remember that every reusable bag helps. In 2008, San Francisco banned plastic bags entirely, Spend Management Strategies which reduced both litter and landfill waste. From 2007 to 2009, paper bag use decreased by 15 percent in San Francisco (partly because of more reuse) while plastic bag use increased by 60 percent—and yet Californians reused their paper bags an average of 127 times each.

4.The fourth best option, with even fewer benefits

Soil is precious. What you and I throw away as litter on our soil can be a fantastic resource for wildlife, and therefore should not be an option. If you insist on leaving litter out there, at least make sure it’s biodegradable, otherwise there will be more plastic in our ecosystem than we have animals.

5.Use your imagination!

If you’re reading a book, or seeing a movie, or playing a game that makes you think about what happens in your community, you have an opportunity to engage on sustainability issues. For example, if there’s a character who is eating lots of GMO foods and suffering from diabetes as a result, that could spark some conversations about food quality and GMOs.

Do you want to do something fun and different this Sustainability Week? Then try downloading the Sustainability week Pokémon go game on your smart phone or tablet! This augmented reality game was developed by Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo and the Pokémon Company, with its release on July 6, 2016. It has become an instant success with its users as it has quickly become the most popular mobile app in the world, surpassing Tinder and WhatsApp in daily active users within a month of its launch.

One of the most effective ways to get people interested in sustainability issues is to use gamification strategies, which include fun challenges, competitions, and prizes that encourage people to take action on behalf of the environment. While there are plenty of sustainability challenges that you can run within your company or department (such as turning off all lights during Earth Hour), why not try getting your whole town involved by holding your next sustainability event during Sustainability week Pokémon go? The best part about any gamification challenge for sustainability week is that you can draw from Pokémon Go’s built-in databases and integrated AR technology to help you succeed!

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