Smart Business tool - data analytics

Do you want to derive meaningful insight from your data, but you’re not sure what you need? Keep reading if you want to make smart business decisions.

In the previous post, we explained why you need data analytics and why it’s important to have someone in your corner that can show you the stories hidden within your data. Now that we’ve answered the why of data analytics, let’s look at the what?

What does your business need?

Go back to that aspect of your work that makes you lie awake at night. What do you need that will help you manage and solve all your business challenges?

Your business needs information, yes, but it also needs a way to sift through large amounts of data and to make sense of it all. Meaning is important, because it drives insights into customer trends and behaviour, which we use to make intelligent decisions.

The problem that many businesses face today is that data is scattered all across the enterprise. Often, they use different systems to capture data at different points in the organisation, which means that you can never see the full picture of what your data is trying to tell you.

Your business needs peopleprocesses and technologies that will help you bring all your data together and derive meaningful insights for better decision making. You need someone who can manage your data, and tell you a story about your customers’ behaviour.

What do we offer?

At Agilus, we take your data from different sources, bring it all together, and then we look for trends. By converging your data onto one easy-to-use dashboard, we’re giving you back control of your information by painting a visual picture of everything that goes on in your business.

Our highly-skilled core team uses data analytics to offer two services that are paramount to your business – data management and customer insights.

  • Data management

To manage your data, we do a data maturity assessment, help with data migration, enable data visualisation and gauge the quality of your data.

  • Data maturity assessment

At Agilus, we create best practice road maps and services to help you build, improve, and measure your enterprise data management function and staff.

  • Data migration

Whenever you need to implement, upgrade or consolidate your systems, you need to think about how you will transfer your data, either between computer storage types or file formats. We can help you with that.

  • Data visualisation

Our data visualisation software shows you the story hidden inside your data. We use this software to depict patterns, trends, and correlations that you might not be able to pick up on in text-based data.

  • Data quality

We help you determine if your data is high quality, which means it is fit to use for operations, decision making and planning.

  • Customer insights

Next, we use the insight and trends that we derived from your data to drive customer engagement, which in turn helps you to make decision about marketing and sales.

  • Customer analytics

Seventy-five percent of organisations believe that they can improve their customer experience with more accurate data. Analytics is helping businesses understand their customers better. It creates a constant feedback loop between agents and customers, and information at your fingertips means you can personalise each customer interaction. Data from customer behaviour also helps you to make important business decisions by looking at market segmentation and predictive analytics.

  • Marketing and sales

Data gives you insight into customer behaviour, which helps you to create personalised products, services and marketing messages. When customers see that you’re taking their preferences into consideration, it leads to business growth. Data analytics helps you to create an omni-channel experience – a seamless, multi-channel sales approach – which increases customer engagement.

What do we do at Agilus Solutions?

We pool all our talents and resources to unlock business value for our clients, by showing them the hidden value behind their data. We do rapid prototyping with customised solutions for each individual business in different industries, using agile methodologies. Do you want to find out what’s hidden inside your data stores? Contact us to find out more.