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Happy New Year and welcome to the start of 2020. As the year begins, it signals the start of the planning cycle for us as individuals as well as for businesses.

This is the time of the year when we make commitments for the year ahead. The gyms are full of those who have committed to improving their health and getting into shape.

The new year is an opportunity to recreate our lives and to become better versions of ourselves. It’s the perfect time to do some self- reflection.

Change indicators

It is usually after Christmas Day and the over-indulging that has taken place in the preceding weeks, when you finally decide to make the commitment to get into shape, eat healthy foods or lose weight.

When we make the decision to lose weight, it’s usually because the signs are there, the extra weight you put on enjoying the festive season foods shared with family and friends, or the feeling of being out of balance.

Business resolutions in 2020

While you are looking at making improvements in your personal health, your relationships and personal habits, spare a thought for the improvements and changes needed within your business.

When creating the plan for your business for the coming year, consider the indicators or signs in your business and resolve to take the necessary corrective steps in the year ahead.

Here’s what some of the indicators might look like:

  • You recognise the need to optimise your business processes to prevent increased risk related losses
  • Your HR department may be struggling to retain your best staff
  • You may need to create more engaging Customer Experiences
  • You recognise that you need to improve your Marketing Effectiveness to reach more new customers
  • You want to retain your existing customers
  • You need to differentiate from the competition by innovating new products or services


The answers to the challenges that your business faces lie in the data that your business generates.

Having a system to analyse the data and the reporting tools to make sense of that data will decide whether your business will achieve its goals for the year ahead or whether your resolutions, like many of the resolutions we make in our personal life, will remain elusive.

Begin by identifying the areas that need your attention and then create a plan to resolve the challenges.


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