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Unified Data Analytics



Data is powerful. Our data analytics consulting services help you make the most of your data. We understand that each client is different and has unique goals and objectives. Our team at Agilus offers customized and effective solutions to assist clients on their digital transformation journey. We take a consultative approach to each project to ensure the best results for every client and task


Spend Analytics

Reducing costs while building unique products and services is a hallmark of successful organizations. Make data-driven decisions with AI-based automation platform. Gain control of spending with real-time visibility across categories to realize saving opportunities. Drive actionable insights by viewing spending trends, price variances, and eliminating tail-spend.


Savings Opportunities

Capitalize with insights on Savings. Assess opportunities and identify areas you can improve on savings. Dynamic real-time reports and dashboards on savings show actual savings and projections. Gain real-time, organization-wide savings visibility for better, more informed business decisions. Capture and share saving results and projects for tomorrow.


Risk Management

Supply chain disruption can derail your organization. With Agilus, you can make smarter and safer decisions before purchase. Gain customized risk views and alerts to each supplier relationship. Segment your suppliers based on your risk exposure. Using multiple Supplier risk parameters enhances visibility and control over supplier risk and mitigates them on time.


Contract Management

Stay on top of your contracts with increased contract visibility, lower risks, and timely renewals. Gain powerful agreement storage capabilities that are searchable, scalable, and secure. Permission-based access enhances security. View key contract details along with renewal alerts. Explore features like electronic signatures, OCR search, and more.


B-BBEE Insights

Embrace new and better ways to view and report on B-BBEE progression, by engaging the power of data within your organisation to drive economic empowerment. With the insights available from analysing your data, you can provide confidence that compliance processes are being followed and correct any gaps in these processes. We provide accurate analytics, reporting and insights on both your historical figures as well as any new implementations.


Vendor Management

Fast methods for verifying and onboarding new vendors can take a significant amount of effort, time and money. Our vendor onboarding and verification platform helps organizations increases the speed of your procurement process by connecting you to a network of pre-vetted vendors that serve a wide range of industries, supply chain levels, and compliance solutions.


Suppliers Performance

Making sure your suppliers can perform is a critical part of getting the job done and staying on budget. We help you select the best suppliers, manage multiple supplier relationships using analytics and work with them to develop ongoing improvement plans. Our Supplier performance solutions enables you to track supplier performance and results, compare those results with your KPIs, and take corrective actions when any threshold is breached.



Maintaining brand consistency requires a sustainable reporting strategy that not only informs but also engages. It is important to know what data matters and how it is presented and reported so that sustainability initiatives do not create any undue risk. Let us help you integrate your sustainability data into existing systems to facilitate information tracking, analysis, and improvement.


Unlocking The Business Value Of Procurement Data

In today’s world of digital transformation, data is a buzzword. Data is power for procurement. Data empowers organizations to gain valuable insights, mitigate risks, save cost, remove inefficiencies, and have a single source of truth.

Optimizing procurement is easier today with today’s centralized data sources, real-time data availability, predictive analytics, and new technologies to lower procurement spend and drive savings.

At Proqure Insights – an AI-powered procurement analytics platform, we are passionate about harnessing the power of procurement data to deliver actionable insight across Core procurement areas like spend management, savings, and supplier management.

Connect with us to know more about how we can help you optimize procurement in your organization.

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