To live more sustainably, it’s important to embrace environmental sustainability activities that reduce our impact on the planet as much as possible. There are plenty of simple things you can do, whether it’s turning off lights when you’re not using them or even bringing your bags when you go shopping so that you don’t have to use plastic or paper bags at checkout. Here are Practical Environmental Sustainability Activities everyone can easily practice in their daily lives.


Recycling is one of four Practical Environmental Sustainability Activities outlined by author Livia Peterson in her guidebook How to Give Sustainability a Chance. She says recycling should be a top priority for those looking to practice their sustainability in small ways at home. Peterson notes that many items thrown away can be broken down into raw materials and used for more than one thing, like cardboard boxes which can be recycled, reused as planters, or shredded and turned into paper products. Recycling old electronics is another way people can show environmental responsibility. If you have an old computer, some communities will pick it up from your house free of charge.

 Peterson, who has written five books on how to give sustainability a chance, believes recycling should be one of four Practical Environmental Sustainability Activities practiced at home. There are other ways to make small changes that can help reduce waste and save resources and money. Turning down your thermostat by a few degrees in winter and switching out all incandescent light bulbs for compact fluorescent ones will save money and reduce your carbon footprint. She suggests using food leftovers as compost or using them to feed pets instead of throwing them away, which is yet another way to avoid wasting resources while making a difference in an area that might otherwise go unnoticed. This is an exercise in professional writing style based on a newspaper report that you have read.

Pick up trash

While this one might not seem like a practical sustainability activity, it is. Environmentally, we’re creating so much trash and garbage that we don’t even know what to do with it. Much of it is finding its way into our oceans and waterways you can check out a good example of how trash gets washed out to sea here, but there are also entire garbage patches in some of our oceans because we just can’t keep up with all of it! If you want to live more Practical Environmental Sustainability Activities be aware of your environmental impact on Earth picking up trash is an easy way to start. There are many programs now where people pay others to collect their garbage, or you could even volunteer for a local waste management program.

 While it may not seem like a Practical Environmental Sustainability Activity, picking up trash is a great way to get started with your environmentally-friendly lifestyle. It’s free and easy, and you can go wherever you want while doing it. Be sure to take some reusable bags so you don’t need to keep using plastic or paper bags that you find in your cleanup. Of course, if you want to do your part for our environment, instead of picking up others’ trash, get everyone in your family involved so everyone will have their trash bags! You can even plan family adventures around trips out into nature or parks with litter cleanups regularly.

Sort The Garbage

Doing your part for environmental sustainability is more than just separating your trash. And, no, eating organic food doesn’t make you an environmentalist. It also involves acting as a responsible consumer and knowing what impacts our environment most. Start with these 4 Practical Environmental Sustainability Activities to figure out how you can help make an impact without going overboard or spending too much time on it. Plus, it won’t even feel like work! #4 Get a water-saving showerhead (or have one installed) A water-saving showerhead is a no-brainer upgrade that’s easy to install and makes sense for homes of all sizes and ages.

 The best way to do that is by becoming more aware of what you’re throwing away. Look at all of your trash over a few days, and look for recyclables like glass, aluminum,m, Causes Of Social Sustainability and paper. Use these items to determine which can be recycled and which are better off in your trashcan. Recycling isn’t just good for our environment it also saves you money in some areas! If you have plastic bottles or cans to recycle, go ahead and wash them out before placing them curbside on recycling day. This makes sure that they can be reused as Practical Environmental Sustainability Activities is instead of being downcycled into a lower quality product later. Here are more ways to go green.

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